Financials and Historical Annual Reports

//Financials and Historical Annual Reports
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MHP Salud Financial and Non-Profit Status Information

Throughout its 30-year history, MHP Salud has complied with grants management and reporting requirements and has never had unresolved questions or concerns regarding fiscal or management practices. Although not required to do so as a low-risk auditee, MHP Salud chooses to undergo both a Regular and A-133 Audit every year as a standard practice. All of MHP Salud’s audits have resulted in unqualified opinions. 

MHP Salud ensures the highest quality possible of health promotion activities and record keeping. This is achieved by refining existing quality assurance systems, developing new systems and procedures when necessary, recruiting the best staff possible and providing ongoing training and monitoring of quality assurance.

Browse through the organization’s past and present financials below.

MHP Salud Form 990 — 2017 Calendar Year
MHP Salud Form 990 — 2016 Calendar Year 
MHP Salud Form 990 — 2015 Calendar Year
MHP Salud Form 990 — 2014 Calendar Year
MHP Salud Form 990 — 2013 Calendar Year
MHP Salud Form 990 — 2012 Calendar Year
MHP Salud Form 990 — 2011 Calendar Year
MHP Salud Form 990–October 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010

MHP Salud 2017 Audit Report
MHP Salud 2016 Audit Report 
MHP Salud 2015 Audit Report 

MHP Salud 2014 Audit Report
MHP Salud 2013 Audit Report


Historical Annual Reports

2015 Annual Report 
2014 Annual Report