Our communities will enjoy health without barriers.

For over four decades, we’ve served communities by implementing Community Health Workers programs that provide a safety net of connections and resources so that individuals and families can achieve health without barriers.

Better Health Outcomes for Our Community

The unique abilities of Community Health Workers (CHWs) power all of our programs. As trusted members of their communities, they provide health education, case management, and application assistance. They are perfectly situated to lead outreach and educational activities directly in the neighborhoods where underserved individuals live, work, and play. By removing barriers that prevent access to care, we ensure that our communities receive the services essential to improving health outcomes.

Over 8000 applications for health and social benefits were submitted with CHW assistance in 2022.
Our Navigator program enrolled over 6,000 individuals in a Qualified Health Plan in Texas, the state with the highest uninsured rate in the nation.
CHWs provided nearly 1000 resource referrals yearly to program participants for food assistance, medical services, mental health services, and more.

Our Programs

MHP Salud collaborates closely with CHWs, health centers, community-based organizations, and other service providers to ensure our communities are empowered to improve their health. Learn more about each program below. 

Older Adults

Through education and activities that strengthen mental agility and physical ability, our Older Adult program participants feel empowered to live independtly.


Our Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) program helps participants make improvements in diet and exercise to promote healthy weight among families.

HIV Prevention

Our AMATE! program helps youth and young adults ages 13-24 develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to reduce their risk for HIV.

Parents As Teachers

Parents participating in this program are educated on child development and receive parenting support and community resource referrals. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to enroll.

Application Assistance 

Our programs aim to provide information on healthcare services and offer application assistance to available social programs.

Health Insurance Navigation

MHP Salud Health Insurance Navigators provide information on health care services and offer extensive application assistance for Marketplace health insurance and other social programs.

Connecting Kids to Coverage

This program provides information and application assistance for government programs such as Medicaid and CHIP to families living within the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding counties of Texas.

You Can Help Us Improve Lives of Families Across the County

With your continued support, we can build healthy communities within some of the most remote locations in the United States.