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Our Community Health Worker Programs

MHP Salud bases all of its work on close collaboration with community members (Community Health Workers or Promotores and Promotoras) who improve the health of their communities with community-based health education and activities. Within this framework, MHP Salud has developed several community health worker programs and “models.” A model is a particular strategy and set of tools for creating programs.

Each model is designed to reach a specific group of people, address a particular health issue or both. MHP Salud and other organizations use these models to guide program development in a variety of settings. To create a local program, MHP Salud works with community members and community organizations to select the most appropriate model and adapt it to the community and to local circumstances.


Cada Paso del Camino (Texas)

Community Health Workers provide basic information and education regarding breast, cervical and colorectal cancer prevention and screening, with an emphasis on referring eligible individuals for cancer screenings.

Capacity-Building Assistance Program (Nationwide) 

Our capacity-building assistance program provides assistance to Migrant/Community Health Centers and other stakeholders in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Community Health Worker programs.

Colonia Outreach Program (Texas)

Promotores(as) (or Community Health Workers) provide culturally and linguistically appropriate assistance filling out application for benefits such as TANF, SNAP, etc.

Healthy Relationship Programs, (Texas & Ohio)

These  programs utilize the Promotor(a) de Salud model and community líderes to promote healthy relationships, prevent intimate partner violence and sexual assault, and support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

Navigator Program (Texas)

The Navigator program employs Community Health Workers to help uninsured people understand their health coverage options and complete eligibility and enrollment forms in order to access them.

Salud y Vida Program (Texas)

Salud y Vida (Health and Life) is a program dedicated to improving the health of members in the community diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The program employs Community Health Workers who provide a participant-centered approach through education, skill building and support to help participants live healthy lifestyles.

Un Paso a la Vez (Texas) 

Un Paso a la Vez employs Community Health Workers who provide support services to older adults to help them maintain or achieve a healthy and safe living environment.

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