Training and Workshops

Use the form below to contact us about starting or enhancing your own Community Health Worker program. We’ve also provided answers to some common questions about CHW training programs and important information you should know before inquiring about our services.

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Our virtual classroom is set up to hold no more than 10 participants and our on-site training can hold no more than 20 participants. Additional costs will apply for a larger training group.

We prefer that organizations book trainings at least 8 weeks in advance to ensure sufficient time to select dates, finalize the contract, and oversee training logistics. When determining your dates, we strongly suggest you reach out to the participants and/or partners and/or any others to ensure that training dates we receive do not have any conflicts when submitting your preferences. Please note that an initial deposit is due 30 days before the date of training. If payment is not received prior to this date, the training is subject to cancellation.

Organizations are responsible for arranging a venue for the on-site training that is suitable for the number of training participants. Note, additional travel costs will apply for changes to the scheduled training date, changes to the training location, or if multiple training locations will be used.

For the Virtual Training Delivery option, each participant must have a device capable of supporting video conferencing (with microphone and audio capabilities), an internet connection, and an email address. Multiple participants cannot share a single device and MHP Salud does not provide these devices.

This training is delivered as an in-person or live, fully-interactive virtual training. As a result, participants who do not attend one or more training sessions will not have the opportunity to complete a make-up training session unless the organization chooses to purchase additional training sessions for those participants to attend. Participants who did not attend one or more training sessions will still have full access to all the applicable materials for these sessions in the Learning Management System.

Sessions can be purchased individually or purchased together as a complete package. Note that as each of our Community Health Worker curriculum levels builds on the previous level, participants are required to either complete the Foundations training sessions or test out of the Foundations level before beginning Level I training.

Our curriculum aligns with the standards of the C3 Project Core Competencies for Community Health Workers, as well as many state certification programs, and recognized best practices; however, MHP Salud is not a certifying body and, thus, does not provide CHW certification. Click here to see a list of states in which MHP Salud is an approved trainer to earn credits towards CHW certification. Note that our training participants are required to score a cumulative score of 75% of higher on post-tests for each level (Foundations, Level 1,and Level 2) to in order pass that training level. Upon completion of MHP Salud’s CHW training, all participants will receive documentation of their training results.

This report analyzes and compares 2020 USDS data with a smaller assessment conducted with Health Centers that employ Community Health Workers (CHWs).