MHP Salud training services for community health workers and CHW programs

MHP Salud’s L.E.A.D. Curriculum

Our L.E.A.D. (Listen, Empower, Advance, Deliver) curriculum offers accessible and affordable education for organizations committed to investing in the Community Health Worker model. Available with in-person or live, fully interactive virtual training delivery, L.E.A.D. is designed to not only address the professional development needs of Community Health Workers throughout their career, but also individuals across the organizations they work for.

By acknowledging the unique role Community Health Workers play within their organizations, L.E.A.D. equips and empowers the entire Community Health Worker program team to better serve their communities. Click on the links below to learn more about our offerings for the different audiences of L.E.A.D. and to see how MHP Salud can help to address your organization’s needs.

Community Health Worker Training

MHP Salud has developed a multi-tiered training program for Community Health Workers that interfaces with nationally recognized core competencies, many state certification programs, and recognized best practices. Click here to learn more.

CHW Supervisor Training

Our multi-tiered CHW Supervisor training packages focus on why Community Health Workers may be a good choice for your organization and how they may fit into your team. Supervising Community Health Workers is often very different from overseeing and managing staff in other types of positions and can require some unique strategies to make the process both beneficial and efficient for everyone involved. Click here to learn more.

Professions Working with CHWs Training

Community Health Workers are often just one member of a highly trained team, but what exactly can they do for a clinical or care team? The Professions Working with CHWs sessions are for related positions in your organization such like nurses, social workers, medical assistants, physicians, outreach workers, and others that may not be familiar with Community Health Workers or the CHW model. Click here to learn more.

Workshops for Community Health Worker Programs

Our Workshops for Community Health Worker Programs allow entire teams to work together to begin planning a CHW program at their organization. During these four-hour sessions, Community Health Workers, supervisors, C-suite executives, and other staff complete a series of group activities designed to help them lay the groundwork for a successful Community Health Worker program around a special topic. Click here to learn more.

Why Train With MHP Salud?

We have 35 years of experiencing implementing Community Health Worker programs, hiring and training CHWs, and obtaining clear program outcomes for their work. The subjects we train on are topics where we have firsthand knowledge, can include real world examples, and have developed strong organizational experience.

Our training has been developed, tested and improved, and are continuously updated to reflect new standards and needs. We ensure our trainers have direct experience with the topics that they are training on. Our expert trainers include Community Health Workers or Promotores(as), Program Coordinators and Directors, and others that have both direct field experience and training expertise. Information is provided in an engaging, interactive, and relevant way. We use active learning and participation, a focus on problem-solving, building on previous experiences, making the information relevant, and making training fun.

Other Training Packages

Grant Writing Training

Put our extensive experience with grant writing for Community Health Worker programs to work for your organization. Each of the training options correspond to different levels of organizational grant writing experience, so that can you find the right training option to meet your needs. Click here to learn more.

Return on Investment

CHW programs targeting underserved patients with multiple chronic diseases provide an annual return of investment of $2 for every $1 invested.


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