Strong Data Evaluation. Stronger Communities.

Maximize your Community Health Worker Program impact with a new solution from MHP Salud and Dimagi.

Strengthen evaluation of your CHW Program and transition from paper to digital data collection with team-based support from MHP Salud and Dimagi.

MHP Salud brings 35+ years of experience implementing and evaluating CHW programs, as well as supporting other organizations who wish to start or strengthen their own programs. MHP Salud emphasizes moving beyond counting “numbers reached” to analyzing meaningful health outcomes.

Dimagi offers 15+ years of experience designing, building, and launching digital job aids and data collection tools built on CommCare, a mobile case management tool for tracking clients through a continuum of service. Dimagi’s partners build solutions to guide the care and counselling for participants of all types with decision support for CHWs as well as critical data-quality checks at the point of service. Dimagi works with organizations of all sizes on all types of digital job aid and data collection projects, from pilot launches to large, national scale solutions.

Modernize Your Data and Evaluation.

MHP Salud and Dimagi can help you strengthen evaluation of your CHW program and transition from paper to digital data collection. We use a flexible, team-based approach to ensure you receive exactly the support you need to level-up your evaluation system and move efficiently and successfully into the digital environment.

A System that Works for You

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MHP Salud

MHP Salud services begin with a CHW Program Evaluation Readiness Assessment. You provide data collection instruments and other documentation related to your current evaluation process. MHP Salud carefully reviews this information and provides a readiness assessment document summarizing strengths, areas for improvement, and tailored recommendations for next steps. These may include recommendations for additional consultation and training to get your evaluation system ready to go digital. Readiness assessments are done for $3,000 and include initial consultation as well as follow-up questions. You can either take what you learn from the Readiness Assessment and move forward independently or contract with MHP Salud for further consulting to help guide you through next steps.

Once your CHW program evaluation system is primed to track meaningful outcomes across a continuum of service Dimagi will work with you to lead the design, build, and launch of your digital job aid or data collection system while building capacity with your team to maintain the system long term. Dimagi offers five implementation packages with varying levels of support, so you can choose how much you want to do yourself and how much you want Dimagi to do as you get ready to go digital. Packages range from $25,000 – $130,000.

We are commited to quality.

We want to ensure you receive exactly the support you need – no more, and no less. If your CHW evaluation system is already just how you want it, you can skip straight to working with Dimagi. If your system needs significant work and you don’t foresee transitioning to digital data collection now, or at all, you can choose to work with MHP Salud only. We are committed to helping you build an efficient, effective, outcomes-based workflows and evaluation system that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs.