Training for Professions Working with CHWs

Community Health Workers can be incredibly effective as part of a clinical care team. We invite you to learn why our L.E.A.D. training is the most complete and trusted curriculum on the market.

A Complete Training Package for Teams Working with CHWs

Community Health Workers are often just one member of a highly trained team, but what exactly can they do for a clinical or care team? Our Professions Working with Community Health Workers L.E.A.D. (Listen, Empower, Advance, Deliver) curriculum sessions are for related positions in your organization such as nurses, social workers, medical assistants, physicians, outreach workers, and others that may not be familiar with Community Health Workers or the CHW model.

The Professions Working with Community Health Workers L.E.A.D. curriculum sessions are designed as a complement to the Community Health Worker training sessions.

Prices shown below reflect fully interactive and live trainings that are provided virtually. If you are interested in scheduling an in-person training, please contact us to discuss options and costs. 

What Is Included in the Training?

What can you expect from a Community Health Worker and how will they work as a part of a care team?  Our training approaches these questions from the viewpoint of non-Community Health Worker professions. More information about training topics is contained in the box below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

*Training times are estimates and may vary depending on several factors, including participants’ levels of engagement and participation in the training discussions, the number of participants in a session, participants’ experience level, etc. Training times will not exceed the number of hours listed.