Why MHP Salud?

//Why MHP Salud?
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Our Experience

MHP Salud implements Community Health Worker programs to empower underserved communities and promotes the Community Health Worker model nationally as a culturally appropriate strategy to improve health.

Building on over 30 years of firsthand experience in using the Community Health Worker model ourselves and over 25 years of experience training and supporting others in the use of the model, we offer a range of services to support other organizations in designing, implementing, evaluating and improving Community Health Worker programs of their own.

How Our Services Are Different

At MHP Salud we place a special focus on understanding your organization’s needs and working with you to achieve long-term outcomes that are both sustainable and cost effective. Our experience serving communities across the country has shown us that the best solutions are found through collaboration, empowerment and proactive problem solving and we apply those same values to the products and support that we offer you.

How MHP Salud Can Help You