For over 20 years, we’ve helped organizations train Community Health Workers, develop CHW programs, and strengthen their offerings.

In addition to conducting our own Community Health Worker (CHW) programs, MHP Salud offers a variety of products and support services to help organizations create and optimize their own CHW programs. When we provide these services, we put our 35 years of experience to work to enhance your organization’s services and improve your overall reach.

Successful CHW Programs

Over the course of our organization’s history, we have implemented these programs with many positive outcomes and have addressed a variety of topic areas, including maternal and child health, diabetes, intimate partner violence, applying for public benefits, and chronic disease prevention and management. As a result of this extensive experience, we are capable of assisting clients with a CHW program in an extensive range of topic areas. Our programs also are outcomes-driven, cost-effective, and produce a strong return on investment (ROI).

Expert Knowledge of the CHW Landscape

To date, we have worked in 44 states, including Puerto Rico and the Federated States of Micronesia, via direct services (MHP Salud-led programs), training, technical assistance, and consulting. We can successfully work in so many different places because we are keenly aware that the rules and regulations surrounding CHWs vary state by state. MHP Salud participates in several state CHW associations and professional groups to stay informed about the evolving CHW landscape. Some states have CHW certification programs, though many do not. A few states and health plans even allow providers to bill for CHW services, though the process to do so varies. Regardless of where your organization is located, we have the experience and resources to help you optimize a  CHW program in your community.

Trainers and CHWs writing notes on a white pad.
A training conducting a virtual meeting.

Personalized Support

No two organizations are alike, and we make a point to address this by helping clients identify the best product or package that suits them. We offer training services for Community Health Workers at any stage of their career, whether they’re brand-new or seasoned professionals, and customize every consulting package according to our clients requests, budget, and overall needs. Because our products and packages are so varied, we are happy to work with clients to discuss their needs in greater detail to help them find a solution that suits their needs and their budget.

Products and Support

We put our decades of experience to work with every client to help them design and improve their own Community Health Worker programs. Are you interested in starting or improving a CHW program at your organization? Learn more about how we can help you.

A training participant raining her hand.

Client Testimonials

“The entire training was terrific. The trainer really knew her material and was able to teach it in a way that was interesting, pertinent, and easily promoted full participation from the group. The material itself and the activities will be very useful…All my staff gave me positive feedback…”

Monica Geldres, Training Participant

“The training introduced new ways to look at people, communicate with them and identify useful and creative methods to assist accessing healthcare resources… I have a new appreciation about how effective games can be when teaching new concepts or information to people.”

Keith Ward, Training Participant

“Everyone in the group’s ideas were [listened] to and commented on. We discussed many issues on how to help other people and to look at different [a]venues of retaining clients. The trainer made us all comfortable even though we were from different areas in Arizona.”

Miriam Goodbody, Training Participant

“[The training] opened minds to see things different and perform differently in the field. [The trainer] was very prepared and has a very unique teaching style that makes everything clear and simple.”

Jorge Saldana, Training Participant