Learn How to Train and Support Certified Application Counselors with our New Toolkit

In order to provide fair, accurate, and impartial information to consumers about the full range of insurance affordability programs and coverage options, a Certified Application Counselor (CAC) must fully understand all of the interrelated aspects of the health care system that are covered in the online Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) training. To stay current and up-to-date on the health care system, continual training and professional development is also essential.

To maximize the impact of the current training program, this toolkit offers dynamic and interactive learning tools and strategies to serve as a complementary tool to the CMS online training, both during and after training.

This toolkit is intended to help CAC supervisors support their CACs through the initial training and beyond. This toolkit is divided into three sections: “Reinforcing CMS Training,” “Supplemental Skills,” and “On-going Training” that explain and present strategies, tools, and activities that can be used to further reinforce the material presented in the CMS training, to supplement the material from the trainings, and to continue to support CACs after the conclusion of the training period.

This resource is an implementation guide.

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