Healthy Living:
Disease Prevention and Management

MHP Salud’s Healthy Living initiative provides accessible support and education to community residents so that they can live healthier lives.

Over the years, MHP Salud has developed multiple Community Health Worker (CHW) projects that have impacted many health behaviors that influence chronic disease outcomes, like healthy eating, physical activity, and timely disease screening. Further, MHP Salud’s projects are based on high-quality evidence that Community Health Workers improve chronic disease outcomes.


MHP Salud CHWs provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) to help participants make improvements in diet and exercise and to promote healthy weight among families.


These projects address the high burden of diabetes in the Latino and Hispanic communities through prevention and chronic disease management education activities led by CHWs.


MHP Salud CHWs provide one-on-one support, referrals, and resources to Hispanic and Latino individuals about cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.


In this project, CHWs provide prevention education on HIV, AIDS, and related illnesses, while helping to reduce the stereotypes and stigmas that result from misinformation.


About MHP Salud 

MHP Salud has over thirty years of experience implementing CHW programs and training organizations looking to start and/or strengthen their own CHW programs. For more information about MHP Salud, our services, and how we can help you, please email us at