Life Stages

Supporting individuals throughout all stages of life.

The unique relationships Community Health Workers have with their peers make them a excellent candidates to support community members as they face challenges throughout the duration of their lives. As individuals age, services like health education, case management, and application assistance become vital for those who want to maintain their health. CHWs are equipped to provide these services and can outreach in the places where individuals live, work, and play at every stage of life.

Aging in Place

This project provides support to address the many challenges Hispanic and Latino older adults face when trying to live independently. Through education and activities that strengthen mental agility and physical ability, participants of our Aging in Place project feel empowered to remain in their own homes.

Maternal Health

In this project, CHWs are trained as breastfeeding counselors to provide education, assistance, and support to expecting and new mothers in lower-income Latino and Hispanic communities. CHWs also address social, cultural, and economic factors that make successful breastfeeding a challenge by mobilizing the community at large to support breastfeeding.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

This project provides a youth-only safe-space where participants can discuss sex and risky behaviors that can impact an individual’s life.


About MHP Salud 

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