We believe in the strength of Community Health Workers.

Community Health Workers, known in Spanish as Promotores or Promotoras de Salud, are trusted members of their community who empower their peers through education and connections to health and social resources. Across America, organizations are turning to Community Health Workers programs to serve hard-to-reach communities.

MHP Salud CHWs posing in a park.

What needs can Community Health Worker programs address?

MHP Salud has implemented Community Health Worker programs to address a wide variety of health and social topics. Click on any of the links below to learn more.

An MHP Salud CHW checking a woman's blood pressure.

Over the years, MHP Salud has developed multiple CHW programs that address a variety of chronic diseases. Our programs have impacted many health behaviors that influence chronic disease outcomes, like nutrition, physical activity, and disease screening.

We’ve developed CHW programs that address the challenges experienced by survivors of sexual or intimate partner violence and stalking. While these programs are tailored to meet the needs of the local community, many follow the same successful model.

An MHP Salud CHW helping a man with an application.

We’ve created several CHW-led programs that address the most pressing health concerns within communities. These responsive programs cover a wide range of health topics, determined based on the specific needs of the communities served.

For over 20 years, MHP Salud’s CHW Training and Support program has helped Federally Qualified Health Centers and other healthcare organizations across the country to create or strengthen their own Community Health Worker programs.

CHW Training and Support

MHP Salud has developed several CHW programs that focus on sexual and reproductive health, many of which focus on maternal-child health because CHWs effectively provide education and support to mothers and children.

Two MHP Salud CHWs talking with a community member in Texas

Who We Proudly Serve

For over 35 years, MHP Salud has proudly served Latino and Hispanic communities across the United States. Since 1983, we have established CHW programs directly in four states, and have helped many other organizations begin their own programs in states and territories nationwide.

Community health workers in an office setting

CHWs are Cost Effective

With over 35 years of history, we have the experience necessary to create a financially sound program. To confirm this, our programs are evaluated by a team of dedicated analysts, who report that MHP Salud’s programs go a step beyond and also demonstrate a measurable return on investment.

Two MHP Salud Community Health Workers pose in a park.

History of CHWs in America

In recent years, CHWs have been gaining national recognition for their ability to effectively address health and social issues within their communities. As the profession emerges today stronger than ever before, take a look back at some of the pioneering individuals,  events, and policies that began it all.