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Cada Paso del Camino


Community Health Workers promote breast, colorectal and cervical cancer screening and treatment to those eligible through a partnership with a Health Center.

What we do

According to the American Cancer Society, Hispanics are more likely to die from cancer than are non-Hispanic whites. These disparities begin in communities with existing social determinants of health long before a diagnosis is ever reached.
The Cada Paso del Camino (each step of the way) project utilizes Promotores(as), or Community Health Workers, as a bridge from colonias to clinical services. The Community Health Workers offer outreach, one-on-one education, referrals, and follow-up, but they are only part of the overall strategy of this project.

How our approach works

Cada Paso del Camino is a unique collaboration between MHP Salud and the Health Center Nuestra Clinica Del Valle to provide holistic preventive, diagnostic and treatment services to the underserved and uninsured residents living in rural Texas colonias.

The Community Health Workers provide the social services, while the clinical partners provide screening, diagnostic and treatment services.


  • Over the three-year project period, the program will increase cancer screening at Nuestra Clinica Del Valle from baseline of 7,978 by 1,705 screenings. Nuestra Clinica Del Valle would use “in-sourcing” of current patient population.
  • 100% of Nuestra Clinica Del Valle clients whose initial screenings are abnormal will be offered affordable diagnostic services and—if needed—treatment.


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