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Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) Program

Provides training and technical assistance to Health Centers that wish to start or strengthen a Community Health Worker program

What we do

Our Capacity-Building Assistance (CBA) program provides assistance to Migrant/Community Health Centers, community-based organizations, health departments and community stakeholders in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Community Health Worker programs for low-income and underserved Hispanics and other minority populations.

The team supports the establishment of new Community Health Worker programs while providing relevant and effective technical assistance and resources to sustain the continual growth and development of established programs.

Who we serve

The CBA team serves Community Health Workers and program staff.

Each recipient group receives a tailored set of our training and technical assistance services best suited to their needs. This means our curricula can be tailored on the basis of language spoken, literacy level, technological competency and other factors.

If you would like to know if your organization is eligible to receive training and technical assistance from the CBA team, please email your request to

Where we serve

The CBA team serves programs and Community Health Workers all across the United States. Last year, we served 33 states through in-person trainings as well virtual assistance.

We also travel the country to attend the Migrant Stream Forums each year, where you can find us presenting our latest Community Health Worker program findings and best practices, and you can speak to us in person at our exhibitor booth.

In addition, we’re always here to serve you online. Check out our Resource Portfolio to find dozens of free resources to support your program.

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