Capacity Building Assistance Program

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Helping organizations start or strengthen Community Health Worker Programs across America.

Our Capacity-Building Assistance (CBA) program, which runs through June 2020, assists organizations in starting new and strengthening existing Community Health Worker programs at Community Health Centers across the country through education, training and technical assistance. With over 35 years of experience working with the Community Health Worker Model, MHP Salud is uniquely qualified to help in building or augmenting any CHW program. The guidance and training MHP Salud provides ensures that organizations implementing CHW programs are using the model effectively and sustainably, to increase access to care and address social determinants of health in their patient populations.  The CBA program has ran for over twenty years.

Training and technical assistance can be tailored specifically to the needs of the recipient organization and its Community Health Workers or program staff. For example, our services can be easily adjusted based on the literacy level or technological competency, and can be provided in English or Spanish. Although most of MHP Salud’s programs focus on Latino and Hispanic populations, our Capacity Building Assistance team can help plan, implement, and evaluate Community Health Worker programs for any population.

MHP Salud Capacity Building Assistance program classes

Our CBA trainings are interactive and encourage group participation in order to make learning dynamic and accessible.

The CBA team serves programs and Community Health Workers all across the United States and is actively engaged in ensuring evidence-based, collaborative technical assistance is made available to all health centers through partnerships with the National Association of Community Health Centers, the Farmworkers Health Network, and the National Cooperative Agreement Advisory Group, among others. We provide in-person trainings as well virtual assistance.  Any existing or potential community health center/organization who receives 330 funding qualifies for training and technical assistance from the CBA team. If you would like more info on whether or not your organization is eligble, please email your request to

In addition, we are always here to serve you online. Check out our Resource Portfolio to find dozens of free resources to support your program.

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