Colonia Outreach Program

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Colonia Outreach Program

Community Health Workers provide community members with eligibility and application assistance for access to care through Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP and SNAP.

What we do

Since 2011, the Community Health Workers with the Colonia Outreach Program have visited communities in the rural and underserved colonias of Hidalgo and Starr county. At these visits, Promotores(as) offer assistance determining health needs and helping residents understand how to apply for health programs that may meet those needs.

How our approach works

Community Health Workers provide culturally and linguistically appropriate assistance filling out application for benefits such as TANF, SNAP, etc. Outside of door-to-door colonia outreach, Community Health Workers connect with the community at health fairs and community centers.



  • Visit 40% (120 per quarter) of colonias in Hidalgo and Starr Counties
  • Contact 1,005 colonia families per year:
  • Assist 302 (76 per quarter)colonia families in Hidalgo and Starr Counties with application for benefits
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