Niños Saludables, Familias Alegres


 A family-centered approach to help participants increase access to and time spent on physical activity in Starr County, Texas.

What we do:

Using the Promotor(a) model, MHP Salud conducts community outreach to promote physical activity among youth and families. Promotores(as) have three main responsibilities: provide outreach daily to the community on incorporating physical activity and to promote the project’s activities and events; provide youth and families guidance and information through interactive sessions related to the incorporation of physical activity; and work with partners to plan community events that provide opportunities to youth and families to incorporate more physical activities into their routine.

 How our approach works:

Promotores(as) lead four week pláticas (group sessions) in colonias through which they will present information on physical activity to parents and families in a fun, engaging way appropriate for the age of the participants and lead a family-friendly physical activity. Once parents understand how they can lead a healthy, more physically active life, they are able to lead their children to do the same.


Overall Goal: Increase access to and time spent on physical activity among youth and families in Starr County, Texas.

  • Increase in knowledge of physical activity among youth and families by 75% from baseline.
  • Increase the time youth and families spend doing physical activity per day from baseline.
  • Increase the amount of physical activity within the family unit by engaging families to exercise together at least once a week.
  • Establish three joint use agreements with community centers, school districts, or municipalities in Starr County that will allow for access to locations for physical activities.

Funding provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Texas

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