A Mobile Application is Changing the Way We Serve Our Communities

October 2019

For over thirty-five years, we’ve been implementing Community Health Worker (CHW) programs to support underserved Latino communities across the United States. And in that time, changes in technology have advanced the way we serve our communities. One key advancement comes from our partnership with Dimagi, a technology developer focused on providing open-sourced software suitable for low-resource settings and underserved communities. We utilize Dimagi’s Commcare application on the mobile devices of our Community Health Workers. From case management for older adults to assistance navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace, CommCare keeps track of participants across various community-based health initiatives, including referrals to external organizations. We’ve increased enrollment in public assistance and health insurance programs and continue to offer support to over 5,000 Latino Americans annually struggling with mental health issues, chronic disease, and other health challenges.

In order to provide deeper insight to others on how technology and our partnership with Dimagi has helped our CHW programs thrive, we’ve developed a joint case-study. Download it by clicking on the button below.

If you are interested in seeing how Dimagi and MHP Salud can help you refine your CHW program data collection and evaluation, click here.

About MHP Salud 

MHP Salud has over 35 years of experience implementing CHW programs and training organizations looking to start and/or strengthen their own CHW programs. For more information about MHP Salud, our services, and how we can help you, please email us at info@mhpsalud.org.