Exploring the Different Roles of Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are a powerful tool to address health care needs in the community, and one of their strongest qualities is that they can adapt to a variety of roles and settings. The most effective CHW Programs mix-and-match these roles in order to achieve strong programmatic outcomes. This workshop explores the different ways these roles can be used, why they may be used in different situations, and on how your organization can use the Multi-Tiered CHW Model to maximize impact. Like all other workshops, this can be purchased as a standalone session, or as an addition to any of our other offerings.

Multi-Tiered Workshop


This 2-hour workshop can be offered online or in-person. At its conclusion, your organization will have a plan for which specific Community Health Worker roles will be used to meet your organization’s Commununity Health Worker program. Your team will also clearly be able to differentiate the roles, purporses, and activites of Community Health Workers, Outreach Workers, and Community Leaders.

These workshops are built on over 35 years of our organizational experience implementing and running CHW programs. Expert MHP Salud staff provide recommendations based on past programs and outcomes while guiding attendees through a series of team-based exercises, including brainstorming, organizational assessments, and other collaborative activities.

Our workshops are flexible by design and are most successful when a variety of staff participate, including Community Health Workers, supervisors, and even C-suite professionals. This approach allows participants to hear and incorporate multiple perspectives into their program plan and gain a better understanding of how every piece of their organization will be involved in their Community Health Worker program.

Workshop Objectives

Learn the key differences between CHWs, Lideres, and Outreach Workers.

Learn the key differences between CHWs, Lideres, and Outreach Workers.

Identifying Assets and Challenges

Gain a clear understanding of what specific responsibilities each role is best suited to.

Organizational Readiness

Use the Multi-Tiered CHW Model to develop and plan the right mix of roles for your program.

Schedule a Workshop

A group of women participating in an MHP Salud activity.

Pricing Breakdown

This workshop lasts for 2-hours and can be provided as a live, fully interactive virtual training for $1,359, with a maximum of 10 participants, or on-site at the location of your choice for $3,179* including all travel costs, with a maximum of 20 participants.

*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental United States. Note: travel costs will be prorated if multiple on-site training sessions are purchased for the same location and time period.
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