Workshops for CHW Programs

Our L.E.A.D. (Listen, Empower, Advance, Deliver) Workshops provide organizations with additional tools to start or strengthen a Community Health Worker program. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic and provides a setting where individuals from various positions within an organization can collaborate and learn together.

Workshops Overview

Our workshops are flexible by design and are most successful when a variety of staff participate, including Community Health Workers, supervisors, and even C-suite professionals. This approach allows participants to hear and incorporate multiple perspectives and gain a better understanding of how every piece of their organization will be involved in their CHW program.

We have designed each workshop based on over 35 years of experience with Community Health Worker programs. Our expert MHP Salud staff guide workshop participants through team-based exercises, brainstorming, organizational assessments, and other collaborative activities. By the end of a workshop, you will have the tools that your organization needs to launch or improve your Community Health Worker program.

Workshop Topics

We currently offer workshops on 3 different special topics related to Community Health Worker programs. Each workshop can be purchased individually, or combined with our other L.E.A.D. (Listen, Empower, Advance, Deliver) training and consulting services to provide your organization with all the tools it needs to start or strengthen your CHW program.

Evaluation for CHW Programs

This introductory 6 hour workshop is designed for Program Supervisors, Grant Writers, and Senior Management to give your organization an understanding of the importance of evaluating CHW programs are and how your organization can take steps to implement program evaluation strategies.  No prior evaluation knowledge or experience is expected or required.

Grant Writing for CHW Programs

This 8 hour workshop covers the components of the grant application process for CHW programs. Led by our expert grant writers, your team will be guided through techniques, tips, and tools that can be taken back to your organization to prepare successful grant applications.

Salud Para Todos

This 4 hour workshop is designed for Community Health Workers, Program Supervisors, and staff in Leadership roles to use MHP Salud’s Salud Para Todos program manual and implementation guide as a starting point to explore the topic of Mental Health and develop unique strategies to implement programs that address mental health in their communities. 

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