Workshops for CHW Programs

Our L.E.A.D. (Listen, Empower, Advance, Deliver) Workshops for Community Health Worker programs provide organizations with a setting where their whole team can work together to design their own Community Health Worker-led program around a special topic.

Workshop Topics
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Workshops Overview

Our workshops are flexible by design and are most successful when a variety of staff participate, including Community Health Workers (CHWs), supervisors, and even C-suite professionals. This approach allows participants to hear and incorporate multiple perspectives into their program plan and gain a better understanding of how every piece of their organization will be involved in their CHW program.

Our expert MHP Salud staff provide recommendations based on past programs and outcomes while guiding you through a series of team-based exercises, including brainstorming, organizational assessments, and other collaborative activities. By the end of the session, you will have the tools that your organization needs to design and implement a successful Community Health Worker program in your community.

Workshop Objectives

How to Implement a CHW Program

Understanding how to implement a Community Health Worker program at your organization and determining your readiness to do so

Identifying Assets and Challenges

Identifying the unique assets and challenges a Community Health Worker program would face in a given community

Planning a CHW Program Timeline

Developing a program timeline to implement a Community Health Worker program around a special topic

Workshop Topics

We currently offer workshops on 7 different special topics built from other training tools we have used successfully in the past. These tools are provided as a part of the workshop and can be used to develop your own Community Health Worker program. Community Health Workers can also use them as a reference when assisting their clients.


CHW-led programs that target diabetes are known to have positive health outcomes for individuals in their community. The unique qualities of CHWs allows them to effectively help people manage their chronic conditions which leads to improvements in A1C levels and an increase in knowledge around diabetes. This 4-hour workshop will provide team members with information and resources to implement a CHW-led diabetes program in your community.

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Financial Literacy

Financial hardship is a prominent barrier to health for many individuals. CHW programs help by providing information and education to help increase knowledge around general financial systems and practices. This 4-hour workshop will help your organization plan and implement a CHW-led financial literacy program by providing team members with tips, information, and resources from our experts.

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Healthy Living

CHWs have the ability to build strong personal relationships with families in hard-to-reach communities. This is why they are so effective at getting families to adopt healthy habits into their lifestyles. This 4-hour workshop provides insight and resources that will help your organization plan and implement a healthy living program led by Community Health Workers. 

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Salud Para Todos

This 4 hour workshop is designed to help Community Health Workers, Program Supervisors, and staff in Leadership roles explore the topic of Mental Health and offers unique strategies that organizations can use to implement programs that address mental health issues in their communities. 

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CHW Program Evaluation

This introductory 8 hour workshop is designed for Program Supervisors, Grant Writers, and Senior Management to give your organization an understanding of what CHW program evaluations are and how your organization can take steps to conduct them.  No prior evaluation knowledge or experience is expected or required.

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Grants and Grant Writing

This 8 hour workshop covers the components of the grant applicaiton process for CHW programs. Led by our expert grant writers, your team will be guided through techniques, tips, and tools that can be taken back to your organization to prepare winning grant applications.

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Multi-Tiered Community Health Worker Model

This unique 2 hour workshop explores the different roles CHWs can play in your organization. It includes insights and recommendations to help your organization effectively mix-and-match these roles in order to achieve strong programmatic outcomes.

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