Salud Para Todos Workshop

The Salud Para Todos workshop is a four hour workshop designed for Community Health Workers, Program Supervisors, and staff in Leadership roles. The workshop explores the topic of Mental Health and offers unique strategies that organizations can implement to address mental health inside their communities. By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will better understand how to facilitate group sessions and develop the ability to refer individuals to the appropriate mental health services.

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This 4-hour workshop can be offered online or in-person at a site of your choosing. The Salud Para Todos workshop is based on a real-world program that was implemented by MHP Salud in Hidalgo County, Texas in 2015. The program reached over 2,000 residents and enrolled 276 participants in group education classes.  The classes covered mental health topics like stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and mental illness. Knowledge about mental health amongst those participants around mental health improved significantly. At the baseline, participants scored an average of 42% on a brief mental health knowledge survey. At the conclusion of the classes, the average score increased to 96%. At the conclusion of this workshop, your organization will understand exactly how we achieved those results, and how they can be repeated in your communities.

Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

Understand the difference between mental health and mental illness.

Understand the difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness.

Identify culturally appropriate strategies to address mental health topics in your communities.

Understand how to facilitate group sessions and activities related to mental health.

Understand how to facilitate group sessions and activities related to mental health.

Develop the ability to refer participants to the appropriate Mental Health Services

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A group of women participating in an MHP Salud activity.

Pricing Breakdown

This 4-hour workshop and can be provided as a live, fully interactive virtual training for a set fee of $2,179 for 10 participants or on-site at the location of your choice for a set fee of $3,999* for up to 20 participants.

*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental United States. Note: travel costs will be prorated if multiple on-site training sessions are purchased for the same location and time period.

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