Virtual Training and Consulting

Our virtual training sessions for Community Health Workers and individuals working with CHW programs were conveniently designed to provide access to education, resources, and tips from anywhere with an internet connection. .

Virtual training for CHWs and CHW programs.

We have years of experience offering dynamic and engaging virtual training designed to address the professional development needs of Community Health Workers throughout their career and to support individuals or programs working with CHWs.

Online Training Solutions from MHP Salud

Individuals who participate in one of our virtual training offerings are able to interact with our expert trainers and each other through our video conferencing platform. Our sessions include information and tips based on real-life examples from MHP Salud’s decades of experience building and improving on our own CHW programs. Additionally, our training sessions are supported by a large and diverse collection of online resources available on our website for download at any time.

The Benefits of MHP Salud’s Virtual Training

When developing the philosophy behind our training sessions, we knew that they needed to be designed to be just as engaging virtually as they are in-person. Through our online video-conferencing platform, the entire classroom gets to engage with one another as well as the session leader.

Our training materials and methods were developed specifically to be virtual-friendly. We take full advantage of the best video conferencing applications. They allow us to utilize tools like direct messaging and screen sharing so participants can simultaneously view presentations and comment in real-time.

  • Insights and real-life examples from experienced CHWs, CHW program managers, and data collected from our own CHW programs

  • Can be customized to meet the needs of organizations at any level or stage of their program

  • Available in English or Spanish

  • Perfect for organization and associations of any size.

A computer displaying an MHP Salud virtual meeting.

Our Virtual Training and Consulting Solutions

We’ve designed a wide variety of training sessions that cover everything from the foundational core competencies of the CHW profession to addressing the health and social issues most commonly found in the communities CHWs serve. Each of our sessions has been designed to be offered in-person or virtually so that we can bring support directly to Community Health Workers and individuals working with or in CHW programs.

Training for CHW Programs

These training sessions were designed to help develop the professional skills of CHWs and help support individuals working in CHWs programs. Our expert session leaders have in-depth knowledge of the CHW profession and can share insights from MHP Salud’s years of experience implementing CHW programs.

Consulting Packages

Our expert consultants provide personalized support via email, phone or video conference to organizations looking to start or strengthen CHW programs. Our packages are flexible and can be customized based on the scope, timeline, and outcomes you wish to accomplish with your programs

Guided Implementation

Get all the support you need to drive the success of your program with our training and consulting services combined into one package. Our experts will work with you over the phone, through email, and video conference for up to a year to ensure your program is best equipped to meet deliverables and desired outcomes.

Workshops for CHW Programs

Our workshops for CHW programs are designed to include the entire team within a CHW program. Our experts will guide your staff through a variety of collaborative exercises and provide the tools and resources that will help them build the skills they need to implement a successful CHW program.

Workshops for CHWs