Collect Meaningful Information About Your Health Center and Community Health Worker Program with Our New Feedback Form

This resource is a feedback form.
Program evaluation is an essential component of any successful Community Health Worker program. Obtaining regular feedback from community members of the target population adds an important dimension to this evaluation. Determining whether the program meets the needs of the people it aims to serve can assist Health Centers in modifying or reinforcing its program activities to best address the needs and interests of the community. Ideally, this feedback is collected at least once a year, usually at the middle or end of a program year.

This document outlines a set of questions Health Centers can utilize with community members to evaluate the effectiveness of its Promotor(a) de Salud program(s). The questions may be asked by the Health Center’s Promotores(as) de Salud or other staff. Health Centers may feel free to adapt the questions in a way that works best for its unique program and circumstances.

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