Integrate CHWs into the Rest of the Health Care Team with 9 Tips

Changes in health care policy have shifted delivery systems towards more patient-centered models of care.

To adapt, Health Centers have sought new strategies, such as Promotor(a) de Salud programs, to reform the way their care teams function. As members of the

communities they serve, Promotores(as) (or Community Health Workers) are in a unique position to contribute to Health Center care teams.

Their expertise in the culture of the community can help a care team better understand the context behind a patient’s condition, leading to the development of more effective care plans. Although Promotores(as) can be an asset to any care team, to flourish in this role they need Health Center support.

These nine tips will help your Health Center integrate Promotores(as) into a care team.

Click below to download Nine Tips for Integrating Promotores(as) into Health Center Teams

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