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Boosting Mental Health in Agriculture: The Vital Role of Community Health Workers

Supporting Our Farmworkers' Mental Health for a Healthier Tomorrow

Dive into the heart of agricultural mental wellness with “Boosting Mental Health in Agriculture: The Vital Role of Community Health Workers,” a crucial conversation hosted by MHP Salud. This enlightening session, recorded on January 17th, sheds light on the significant mental health challenges faced by agricultural workers and the empowering role Community Health Workers (CHWs) play in addressing these issues.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding Challenges: Explore the unique mental health challenges agricultural workers encounter daily.
  • Barriers to Care: Unpack the obstacles preventing agricultural workers from accessing mental health services.
  • CHWs at the Forefront: Discover how CHWs and enabling services staff can leverage tools and strategies to support agricultural workers’ mental health effectively.
  • Collaborative Insights: Gain insights from Health Centers, Primary Care Associations, and Health Center Controlled Networks on supporting mental wellness in agricultural communities.

Who Should Watch: This webinar is designed for Community Health Workers, healthcare professionals, and anyone passionate about improving mental health access and outcomes for agricultural workers.

Understand how improving mental health in agriculture benefits us all by fostering stronger, more resilient communities.

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