Starting a Community Health Worker Program

This collection of resources provides guidance, information, and tips for organizations interested in or already invested in starting a Community Health Worker program.

Organization Conceptual Fitness

Are we ready as an organization to implement a Community Health Worker (CHW) program? Use the following checklist and questions to help your organization think about what elements are already in place, and which still need to be developed.

CHW Program Readiness Checklist

Does your organization have all of the required components in place to launch a new Community Health Worker program? This checklist will ensure all basis are covered.

A Guide to Hiring Qualified Supervisors for CHW Programs

Create a specialized application process that will allow organizations to fully understand if candidates are qualified to supervise CHWs with the information and activities in this guide.

Finding Qualified Candidates: How to Hire Community Health Workers

Find candidates that have the unique qualities to fill a Community Health Worker position with this resource that provides activities to incorporate into the hiring process.

CHW Pre-Hiring Checklist

Create a clear plan and strategy before moving forward with the CHW hiring process with this pre-hiring checklist.

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The CHW Career Web Resource

This one-page career web graphic provides examples of the various career paths options for Community Health Workers.

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