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Serving America’s Latino communities with Community Health Worker programs for over 35 years. 

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Advancing the CHW Profession

We are a national nonprofit organization that implements and runs Community Health Worker (CHW) programs. These programs provide peer health education, increase access to health resources and bring community members closer. MHP Salud also has extensive experience offering health organizations training and technical assistance on CHW programming tailored to their specific needs.

We base all of our work on close collaboration with CHWs who improve the health of their communities with health education and activities.

We have taken our innovative, outcomes-driven CHW programming to offer you the tools to make it work in your system, with your providers, and for your population.

Who are CHWs?

A Community Health Worker is a trusted member of the community who empowers their peers through education and connections to health and social resources.

Stay up to date with the CHW profession!

Our free health resources are culturally and linguistically appropriate, easy-to-use, and created specifically for CHW programs.

Partner With Us

We believe that building a strong network of engaged partners is a strong step towards improving health outcomes across America.

Who We Serve

MHP Salud has developed and established Community Health Worker programs to improve the health status of Latinos across the nation.

Training for CHW Programs

The experience we’ve gained along the way fuels our training curriculum. We help organizations serve and empower communities across the nation.





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