Elder Health in the United States

The average lifespan of Americans has been steadily increasing over the years, resulting in a growing number of adults that live to be over 65 years old. Older adults are also becoming increasingly diverse: this population is expected to transform from 7.9% to 22% Hispanic/Latino by the year 2060. As this population grows and changes, it’s important to identify and address their unique health challenges, to support safely and happily growing old at home.

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Mental Health CHW-led Programs Show Promise in Latino Communities

The lack of access to information and services in Spanish can prevent many Latinos from seeking care. Many CHW-led interventions recruit bi-lingual members of the community, allowing for correct interpretation of information, effective education and a way to address stigma. More importantly, it allows individuals who face language barriers the path to express their mental health concerns without fear of misinterpretation.

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Community Health Workers in Michigan, A Historic Look at the Rise of the Profession

The first Community Health Workers in Michigan were trained in the 1960s to provide services to their communities. Around this time, the federal government began providing funding for community-based programs that used CHWs to reach underserved communities. Community Health Workers in Michigan and across the country began having an impact on the national level when in 1978, CHWs formed the New Professionals Special Primary Interest Group in the American Public Health Association (APHA).

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One of the Most Important Women in MHP Salud History Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Last week, one of MHP Salud's co-founders celebrated her 100th birthday. This coincides with MHP Salud's 35th year of service. Read more about the history of our organization and the story behind the amazing woman who founded it.

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Thirty-three years of service: How it all began

MHP Salud’s history is characterized by cycles of empowerment. Three people foundational to enacting these cycles were Sisters of Mercy Mary Maurita Sengelaub and Judith Mouch and former migrant farmworker Genoveva Martinez. From modest beginnings, they ignited thirty-three years of health programming, spanning the entire country to aide not only farmworkers in the Midwest, but [...]

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Learn from three decades’ experience with our free Sample Budget for Community Health Worker Programs template

Click here to view the Sample Budget for a Community Health Worker Program This free budget template is presented as a sample, based on a year-round program with four full-time Community Health Workers. It is provided as a starting point to give you an idea of the line items and categories of expenses that you will [...]

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Run your Community Health Worker program effectively with our free Supervision Manual for Promotor(a) de Salud Programs Manual

Click here to view the Supervision Manual for Promotor(a) de Salud Programs This Supervisor’s Manual was developed to provide basic guidelines to supervisors of Promotor y Promotora de Salud programs. A variety of people, with different supervisory experience, might supervise a Promotor(a)program. They could range from newly-hired Program Coordinators to Program Directors and Outreach Coordinators. Regardless of [...]

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A Year in Tech at MHP Salud

MHP Salud CHW Navigator using Case Management System on Smartphone Over the decades that MHP Salud has championed the Community Health Worker (CHW) model, the model has retained its core elements of community-centered care and empowerment, but recent years’ rapid technological change has given CHWs new tools they can use to broaden and [...]

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Build teen Community Health Worker Competency with the new Infórmate Program Manual

Click here to view the Infórmate Program Manual (English) Click here to view the Infórmate Program Manual (Spanish) The 42-page Infórmate Program Manual offers teen Peer Advocates an overview of how to effectively serve as such. Peer Advocates provide leadership, peer education, support, and resources to promote community empowerment. With training, information and resources, Peer Advocates improve the health of their communities by: addressing difficult topics that influence our individual and community options educating our peers about the positive and negative consequences of our choices linking peers and their families to mentoring, health care and social services working as advocates and mobilizing for positive change The resource is [...]

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