MHP Salud Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement in the Fight to End Racism, Demand Accountability, and Create Systemic Change

Since the founding of the organization in 1983, MHP Salud has been committed to addressing the health disparities that exist within the diverse Hispanic and Latino communities across the United States. For over 35 years, we’ve witnessed the effects of structural racism, lack of opportunity, poor health care, and violence from agents of the state in these communities. Furthermore, there are many Black and mixed Latinos, and as such, the Black Lives Matter movement extends to the communities we serve directly across the nation. We’ve always recognized the disturbing parallels between the treatment of Blacks, Latinos, and Hispanics in the United States.

This is why we must stand as allies alongside the Black community in the fight to end racism and demand accountability and systemic change.

At, MHP Salud, our strategy has been to improve health in communities with Community Health Worker (CHW)-led initiatives. We believe that CHWs, who look like, speak the language of, and live in the very communities they serve, are the most qualified and trusted individuals to engage their community members in activities that improve health and social outcomes.

Through our work, we’ve recognized that these improvements can’t be made without addressing the conditions that impact the way an individual works and lives. Poor housing, availability of health care services, unemployment, and social inequality are just some of the issues that have created disparities in Hispanic, Indigenous, and Black communities in America. One thing that unites them is the work of CHWs. It is within these communities that you will find a diverse network of CHW-led initiatives, many with Black, Indigenous, and Latino leadership, that address a variety of health concerns.

MHP Salud’s CHW-led initiatives improve health outcomes by connecting individuals and families to health care services, providing bilingual health education, and creating strong social support networks. We have and continue to collect data on these initiatives to create resources that can be adapted by organizations that serve diverse populations. It is through this exchange of knowledge that we hope to play just a small part in the uplifting of our allies in the Black community.

Additionally, we recognize the excessive use of violence and force from police against black bodies. There have been disturbing parallels between the treatment of Latinos by ICE and the treatment of black men and women by police departments across the nation. As such, we are allies in the fight for equality and will continue to support all those coming together to combat racial injustice. An injustice for one is an injustice for all.

Black Lives Matter.

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