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Emergency Management News and Updates 

1207, 2022

Consejos para Emergencias de Salud Pública y Desastres Comunes para Adultos Mayores Latinos

July 12, 2022|

Al cuidar a un ser querido adulto mayor Latino, puede ser útil saber a qué recursos pueden acceder los cuidadores durante una emergencia de salud pública.

1207, 2022

Planning Tips for Public Health Emergencies and Common Disasters for Older Adults

July 12, 2022|

A Public Health Emergency is when a community is impacted by the threat of an illness or health condition that poses a substantial risk to human health1, such as COVID-19, or natural disasters also known as common disasters. Examples of common disasters include wildfires, windstorms, floods, earthquakes, tornados, extreme temperatures, and hurricanes.

2502, 2022

How Community Health Workers can be a Cost-Effective Strategy to Reducing Emergency Department Use

February 25, 2022|

Frequent use of Emergency Departments (ED) by super-utilizers - account for between 21% to 28% of all ED visits.1 Super-Utilizers, may lean on emergency departments due to lack of health insurance, financial limitations, or lack of knowledge of available healthcare options. As health care systems work to reduce the use of emergency departments for non-emergencies, one strategy that has proven to be effective is the integration of Community Health Worker (CHW)s.

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