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Why Community Health Workers are the Solution for Your Organization

A Community Health Worker is a trusted member of the community who empowers their peers through education and connections to health and social resources. Although they operate in many different settings, improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations is a common goal shared between both Community Health Worker (CHWs) programs and health care center programs. CHWs are a great addition to health care center teams.

July 15, 2020|
2310, 2018

Announcing Our NEW CHW Training Workshops!

October 23, 2018|

We are excited to announce the launch of our new training workshops. These 4-hour training sessions function similar to electives within our L.E.A.D. curriculum, which provides comprehensive training for Community Health Workers and individuals across the organizations they serve. Unlike the central curriculum, which seeks to educate and empower participants according to their role, workshops instead aim to enable an entire team within an organization to design and implement their own Community Health Worker program that addresses a specific issue within their community.

406, 2018

Community Health Worker Training Spotlight: Foundations from Our Curriculum

June 4, 2018|

One of our favorite things about our new Community Health Worker training curriculum is that it is built to be specifically relevant to the existing knowledge and skills of the participants who attend. Expert in your community but new to the role of CHW?  Our CHW Foundations courses are the perfect place to begin!

2504, 2018

An Interview With Our Training Director, Patria Alguila

April 25, 2018|

Patria Alguila started working as a Community Health Worker in 2011. In 2014, she joined MHP Salud as a Program Coordinator. Now, as MHP Salud's training director, she helps other organizations start or strengthen their own Community Health Worker Programs.

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