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2808, 2017

The Results are in, and They Prove the Effectiveness of CHW-led Maternal-Child Health Programs

August 28, 2017|

It’s no secret that we are huge advocates of using the Community Health Worker model to increase breastfeeding rates among underserved populations. It’s an effective strategy that addresses the cultural barriers that many Hispanic women face when trying to access healthcare resources for maternal-infant health. The health and economic benefits of breastfeeding are well documented. However, despite breastfeeding’s distinction as an important public health issue, breastfeeding rates among the U.S. Hispanic population fall below Healthy People 2020 targets.

2005, 2016

Instinto Maternal Program promotes role of dads in first foods as it moves north for the season

May 20, 2016|

In its second year, the Instinto Maternal Program has collected, cleaned and analyzed information from a series of community surveys and interviews with Latina mothers who work in agriculture about their successful breastfeeding experiences.

103, 2016

Comfort and educate expectant mothers with Community Health Workers and the Maternal and Infant Health Resource

March 1, 2016|

Guiding expectant mothers, especially those that are first-time mothers, can help to reduce medical and emotional complications and increase healthy outcomes for mother and child.  As Promotores(as), we are aware that there are challenges experienced by some of our community members. These challenges can be due to issues of employment, living conditions, legal status, and environment.

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