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What I’ve Learned Grant Writing for Community Health Worker-led Programs

Whenever I talk about grant writing, someone always wants to know what the “magic bullet” is to secure sustainable funding. I wish it were that simple - in general, grant writing requires a special slurry of project management, relationship building, digging into the data, and storytelling. And grant writing for Community Health Worker (CHW)-led programs? That presents its own set of unique questions.

January 20, 2021|
2407, 2020

Jumpstart Your CHW Recruitment With Our New Hiring Resources!

July 24, 2020|

Is your organization or health center currently looking to hire a Community Health Worker (CHW)? We've developed five new resources to help your organization avoid the common pitfalls that may occur when beginning the hiring process.

1507, 2020

Why Community Health Workers are the Solution for Your Organization

July 15, 2020|

A Community Health Worker is a trusted member of the community who empowers their peers through education and connections to health and social resources. Although they operate in many different settings, improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations is a common goal shared between both Community Health Worker (CHWs) programs and health care center programs. CHWs are a great addition to health care center teams.

704, 2020

Adding Better Nutrition to Cultural Dishes Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge (CHWs Know How)

April 7, 2020|

Community Health Workers in our healthy living initiative programs are helping Hispanic families change the way they approach food by providing essential education around nutrition that teaches them how to build healthier meals with the foods they know and love. Having knowledge around nutrition that is readily available is an important tool that has the potential to improve dietary habits and reduce the risk of chronic disease throughout a person’s life. But in many of the predominantly Spanish-speaking communities we serve, finding nutritional information that has been adapted to align with their language and culture can be challenging.  

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