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MHP Salud’s Navigator Program Director Talks Health Insurance, Open Enrollment, and Application Assistance in the Rio Grande Valley

From November 1st – December 15th MHP Salud Navigators help hundreds of individuals apply for health coverage across 15 different counties in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Outside of special enrollment periods that require individuals to meet certain qualifications, Open Enrollment, is the only time those who qualify can apply or make changes to existing coverage. Additionally, there is a great need for insurance enrollment assistance in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas due to social and environmental factors unique to the region that create challenges for individuals navigating the complex insurance process.

November 19, 2020|
1511, 2019

Navigator Programs Provide Much Needed Application Assistance to Underinsured Communities

November 15, 2019|

MHP Salud has had a Navigator program for over six years. The program uses Community Health Workers (CHWs), trained as Navigators, to provide education and application assistance to the predominantly Spanish-speaking communities along Texas’ southern border. Today, the program is only one of two Navigator programs left in Texas, which has the highest rates of uninsured individuals of any state (17.7%)4.

310, 2018

Indiana Health Coverage Program and Medicaid Reimbursement for CHWs

October 3, 2018|

An exciting new insurance reimbursement opportunity in Indiana has recently been announced; this new development will create new funding opportunities for CHW programs in the state. The Indiana Health Coverage Program (IHCP), which includes all programs covered under Indiana Medicaid, added coverage for CHWs on  July 1st, 2018.

2709, 2018

Our Program, Navigator, Makes a Big Impact in the Rio Grande Valley

September 27, 2018|

Of all the areas that MHP Salud operates in, our agency recognized that there was the greatest need for insurance enrollment assistance in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Not only are there many uninsured individuals in the area, but environmental challenges unique to the region create additional challenges for people navigating the often complex insurance process to connect to care.

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