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Clinical Promotor(a) Job Description

The Clinical Community Health Worker/Promotor(a) is a part of an interdisciplinary clinical care team at a health center. They can perform a variety of essential functions like actively identify individuals at high risk for chronic disease,  lead group health education sessions, provide navigation services, and reduce stigma and barriers to health care. The integration of the Clinical CHW/Promotor(a) to this team is key to the success of the health center in providing quality clinical care by serving as a bridge between the community and the health care setting.

This job description may be used as a template by your interdisciplinary team to help them learn more about the specific job responsibilities and skill requirements that the position requires.

Please note: As MHP Salud is a bilingual organization, we use Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker interchangeably. Regardless, this resource was created to cater to all organizations who work with Community Health Workers, regardless of culture.

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The Clinical Promotor(a) Job Description document.

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