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Resources and Reference Materials on CHWs and Clinical Care Teams

Collaborations between Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Clinical Care Teams can have a positive impact on the health of the communities they serve. Because CHWs live in and speak the language of the community, it puts them in a unique position to contribute to clinical care teams. Their connections to community members helps them better understand the context behind a patients condition which leads to the development of more effective care plans. These resources were developed by MHP Salud to help Health Centers integrate CHWs into care teams and can serve as references for best practices when implementing Community Health Worker programs.

This comparative analysis includes the presence of minority and special populations and the types of chronic diseases that are treated to understand the role community composition plays in determining the presence of CHWs within Health Centers.

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This resource guide provides examples, tools, and best practices to help health centers better integrate Community Health Workers/Promotores(as) into their COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

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This free online resource does not require registration to access. It features several data-points comparing health centers who primarily serve Latinos to other health centers in the United States with the goal of understanding the key differences between these organizations.

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Although Promotoras can be an asset to any care team, to flourish in this role they need Health Center support. Here are nine tips that will help your Health Center integrate Promotoras into a care team.

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Considering integrating Community Health Workers (CHWs) into the clinical team at your health center but unsure of where to start? This video provides background on the benefits of clinically integrating CHWs and outlines the free and low-cost tools MHP Salud offers to assist your clinic throughout the process.

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Although Community Health Workers (CHWs) have a long history of successfully addressing health disparities, their full potential has yet to be realized in a clinical setting. A significant obstacle to achieving full integration of CHWs on health care teams is confusion regarding the role of a CHW on part of clinical staff. This guide is meant to address this obstacle in order to garner stronger support for CHWs in clinical settings. The information in this guide is meant to prepare a CHW advocate to present to clinical staff on the role of CHW in clinical settings.

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This free toolkit illustrates the different strategies for incorporating CHWs within Care Teams. Additionally, it will provide real-life case studies from various health entities throughout the nation to support the success of the implementation of these strategies.

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This infographic provides information on how to accurately measure health access as a result of CHW programs within a health center and how to pinpoint appropriate training and technical assistance for your CHWs.

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Training for your organization, made simple.

In addition to publishing resources and conducting our own Community Health Worker (CHW) programs, MHP Salud offers a variety of training and consulting services to help organizations create and optimize their own CHW programs. When we provide these services, we put our 35 years of experience to work to enhance your organization’s services and improve your overall reach. Does your organization employ Community Health Workers? We can help.

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