Project Description

Infórmate Program (English)

The 42-page Spanish-language Infórmate Program Manual offers teen Peer Advocates an overview how to effectively serve as such. Peer Advocates provide leadership, peer education, support and resources to promote community empowerment.

With training, information and resources, Peer Advocates improve the health of their communities by:

  1. Addressing difficult topics that influence our individual and community options
  2. Educating our peers about the positive and negative consequences of our choices
  3. Linking peers and their families to mentoring, health care and social services
  4. Working as advocates and mobilizing for positive change

Get all of the tools you need to succeed as a Peer Advocate for free by downloading our manual below.

A quick guide on addressing diabetes for CHWs.

MHP Salud has over 35 years of experience implementing CHW programs and training organizations looking to start and/or strengthen their own CHW programs. Visit our CHW Training & Consulting Services page to learn more about how we can help.

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