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Community Health Workers and Hypertension

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Resources and Reference Materials on Community Health Workers and Hypertension

Community Health Worker programs are known to have positive effects on the behaviors of individuals who have or are at risk for hypertension. Much of the success of these programs can be attributed to the relationships CHWs are able to establish with community members. CHWs are uniquely qualified to conduct outreach, promote better nutrition, encourage physical activity, and increase disease management for the individuals they serve because they often share the same socioeconomic and cultural background. These resources provide information and guidance for CHWs and CHW programs on addressing hypertension in their communities. All resources are available for free and licensed to be distributed for educational use.

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are uniquely qualified to support individuals with hypertension. CHW interventions are known to improve health outcomes among individuals diagnosed with hypertension and support at-risk individuals to prevent the development of the condition. The purpose of this guide is to assist health centers and partners in identifying the roles of CHWs in addressing hypertension.

Su Corazón, Su Vida/Your Heart, Your Life (SCSV/YHYL) Guided Implementation Project is designed to help Health Centers through the process of implementing a CHW program addressing hypertension among Latino communities. Included are lessons on heart health education that address topics around skill building, self-assessment, and goal setting for healthy lifestyle changes.

This guide provides information surrounding hypertension and heart health. Inside you will find tools for Community Health Workers to use to guide patients with hypertension towards a healthier future. The guide also comes with a blood pressure tracker, which can be shared with patients as they track their progress towards their blood pressure goals.

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This resource is for Community Health Worker program managers and administrators. It explains how Community Health Worker-led intervention programs can positively impact patients who have hypertension. It includes approaches that have been successful, a list of external resources, and additional information that will be useful to program managers and administrators looking to build on or begin a CHW-led hypertension and heart health intervention program.

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In addition to publishing resources and conducting our own Community Health Worker (CHW) programs, MHP Salud offers a variety of training and consulting services to help organizations create and optimize their own CHW programs. When we provide these services, we put our 35 years of experience to work to enhance your organization’s services and improve your overall reach. Does your organization employ Community Health Workers? We can help.