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Community Health Workers and Maternal Child Health

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Resources and Reference Materials on Community Health Workers and Maternal Child Health

Over the years, MHP Salud has developed Community Health Worker programs that focus on maternal child health. These programs were particularly effective because of the cultural and linguistic connection CHWs share with the mothers they support.  CHWs can make effective doulas and provide emotional support, guidance, and education on topics such as breastfeeding. These resources were developed to provide information and resources to CHWs and CHW programs that have or want to start programs that focus on maternal and child health. All resources are available for free and licensed to be distributed for educational use

This brief report is a helpful resource for organizations that aim to implement breastfeeding programs using the Community Health Worker (CHW) model. It includes information from two successful CHW-led breastfeeding programs implemented by MHP Salud.

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MHP Salud surveyed 90 breastfeeding moms, and they said that the baby’s father was the most important person who supported them. This informational flyer has been developed as a breastfeeding resource specifically with dads in mind.

This bilingual card game can be printed out and used to spark conversation among participants about the realities of breastfeeding.

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Guiding expectant mothers, especially those that are first-time mothers, can help to reduce medical and emotional complications and increase healthy outcomes for mother and child.  As Promotores(as), we are aware that there are challenges experienced by some of our community members. These challenges can be due to issues of employment, living conditions, legal status, and environment. Any of these stress factors can affect health outcomes.

This guide aims to increase knowledge of healthy lifestyles and promote physical activity among youth and families. The activities in this guide inform participants about their current level of physical activity, provide recommendations for physical activity and strategies to develop a more active lifestyle, and aid in developing a family physical activity action plan.

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The economic and health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and infants are well documented. Infants who are breastfed have a lower risk of health problems, including lower respiratory tract infections, ear infections, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, sudden infant death syndrome, diabetes, certain types of cancer and obesity.

The Using the Community Health Worker Model to Promote Breastfeeding short brief report describes two successful CHW-led breastfeeding programs and can be used as a resource for any organization looking to apply the CHW model to their own breastfeeding programs.

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Training for your organization, made simple.

In addition to publishing resources and conducting our own Community Health Worker (CHW) programs, MHP Salud offers a variety of training and consulting services to help organizations create and optimize their own CHW programs. When we provide these services, we put our 35 years of experience to work to enhance your organization’s services and improve your overall reach. Does your organization employ Community Health Workers? We can help.