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Recruiting and Hiring

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Resources and Reference Materials on Recruiting and Hiring

Community Health Workers are well situated to address unmet health needs in undeserved communities. Often sharing the same socioeconomic background, culture, and language of the communities they serve, CHWs are able to establish strong connections with individuals and families that others can’t. This gives them unmatched access to conduct outreach and provide education in hard to reach areas. These resources provide information and guidance on how to recruit and hire Community Health Workers for your programs. All resources are available for free and licensed to be distributed for educational use

As members of the communities they serve, Comunity Health Workers (also known as Promotores or Promotoras de Salud in Spanish-speaking communities) are in a unique position to build on strengths and to address unmet health needs in their communities. They can perform a wide variety of roles and be referred to by a number of titles but generally, their primary role is linking vulnerable populations to health care or social systems.

This resource is an educational tool.

Organizations can use this checklist to help ensure that all details and components have been considered before moving forward with the hiring process for a Community Health Worker position.

This resource provides activities hiring managers should incorporate into the hiring process so that organizations can choose the most qualified candidates for a CHW position.

This resource includes descriptions and information on the unique components that need to be incorporated into the hiring process for a Community Health Worker Supervisor.

Training for your organization, made simple.

In addition to publishing resources and conducting our own Community Health Worker (CHW) programs, MHP Salud offers a variety of training and consulting services to help organizations create and optimize their own CHW programs. When we provide these services, we put our 35 years of experience to work to enhance your organization’s services and improve your overall reach. Does your organization employ Community Health Workers? We can help.